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Yak advantages

              Ceratosaurus advantages 

                    more aggresive

weighed more               

better weapons

likley smarter


a heard of yaks are stampeding down the plains of north america , then a young yak leaves the heard and thats when a hungry ceratosaurus attacks him and kills the baby yak , as he starts to eat the baby , the farther comes and makes a roar , the ceratosaurus charges at the yak and tries to get a bite in , but to no avil , then he finally gets a bite into the yaks rough skin , causing the yak to start to bleed , then the yak hits the ceratosaurus with his trunk and then charges into him knocking him on the ground , as the ceratosaurus tries to get up , the yak stabs his horns into the ceratosaurus throat , killing it instantly , the yak then goes back to its herd .