Hippopotomus: Africa's most dangerous large animal which kills more people a year than all others put together.


White rhino: The second largest land animal whose name dervives from a mistranslation.

Who is deadliest

White Rhino Hippopotomus
Weapons: Large Horn Weapons: Huge Mouth with large teeth inside
Other skills: Is suprisingly agile and quick for its size Other skills: Can fight on both land and water
Advantages over opponent: Is faster and more agile, is slightly bigger Advantages over opponent: If it lures rhino into water is garunteed a win, mouth is a better killing weapon than horn

Ceratotherium simum Kruger Park 02
Hippo pod edit

Who. Is. Deadliest?

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A female hippo is walking over the grasslands on her way back to the watering hole after a long nights feeding. Trailing behind her is her young calf, whining at his mother for food. Meanwhile in the distance a male rhino is lying down in the bushes, napping. He hears the hippo calfs whining and looks up, spotting the female hippo. Due to his poor eyesight he mistakes the hippo for another bull rhino and gets to his feet, shaking the dirt off his body. He puts his head down and charges at the hippo, who is blistfully unaware of the inraged rhino. She hears the pounding of his footsteps and turns to see the massive beast charging right at her and her calf. She nudges her calf out of the way and charges at the rhino.

The rhino realises that it is not charging another rhino and stops in his tracks. The hippo however is undetered and rams into the rhino, knocking it back slightly. It whips its head around and slams its horn into the hippos thigh. The hippo roars in pain and grabs the rhinos shoulder blade in its huge jaw, crushing the shoulder blade and leaving a huge wound in the rhino's side. The rhino grunts at the pain and smashes its head into the hippo untill it releashes the rhinos shoulder. The rhino limps away into the bushes and the mother hippo beckons to her calf to return to her. The small animal peeks its head out of the bushes it was hiding behind and slinks over to it's mother. She rubs head with her youngster and they make thier way back to the wateringhole.

Winner Hippopotomus

Experts opinion

While the White Rhino was bigger and faster it was the powerful jaws of hippo that won it the day.