The Walrus, Tusked pinniped from the artic Vs. The Leopard Seal, Carnivorous pinniped, who's sharp teeth and large size dominates the artic food chain

Who is..... Deadliest?!


Weapons 3 ft. 3 in. tusks
Diet shrimp, crabs, tube worms, soft corals, tunicates, sea cucumbers, various mollusks, and even parts of other pinnipeds
Size 3,700 lbs.
X-factors Much thicker blubber then the Leopard seal

Leopard Seal

Weapons 1 in. Canine teeth
Diet Mostly krill, squid, fish, and penguins, sometimes crabeater seals
Size 440-1302 lbs.
X-factors Faster swimmer then the Walrus


A herd ofb Walruses

Leopard Seal

A lone Leopard seal


A male Leopard seal patrols his territory, searching for a potential meal or intruder, it's powerful flippers helping it move quickly and smoothly across the water. All of a sudden, the smell of blood goes into the seals nostrils, eager for a fight, the seal follows the trail.

A good ways away, a bull Walrus had just fought a younger male out of his territory. He suffered some minor cuts, but ignored it and went for a swim in the water. That was a mistake.

The predatory Leopard seal feels the smell of blood get stronger and stronger as he nears the Walrus. He finally catchs sight of the large brown pinniped. He sinks his large canine teeth into the walrus' tail.

The giant bull Walrus thrashed about madly as he felt a sharp pain in his tail, but the leopard seal was everywhere at once, but his small canine teeth couldn't do much against the walrus' thick blubber. The walrus dug it's three foot tusks into icy surface, and tried to pull itself out of the water.

The leopard seal knew he would get nowhere with all these small bites, so he decided to attack the walrus' neck full force. as he backed away to gain speed, turned around only to see that the walrus had gotten to the surface.

Leopard seal began to climb onto the ice, but the walrus took advantage of this, he reared his head back and brought it down full force, goring his three foot tusks into the seal's back

The tusks sliced through the Leopard seal like a hot knife through butter, the seal froze, a look of agonized surprise on his features, then his head slumped down. The hunter had become the hunted!

The Walrus yanked his long tusks out of the dead seal, letting his lifeless body slip back into the sea.

Winner: Walrus