The Stoat, the Small but fearsome Mustelid Vs. The Striped Polecat, the skunk-like African Mustelid also known as a Zorilla


Weapons Razor-sharp teeth and claws
Diet Rabbits and other small mammals
Size Slightly smaller then the polecat
X-factors Can blend into it's environment and has sharper teeth and claws then the polecat

Striped polecat

Weapons Teeth and claws, also possesing a skunk-like spray
Diet A wide variety of berries and small animals, but is more of a scavenger
Size Slightly larger then the stoat
X-factors Is very similar to the Ratel(Honey Badger) in fearlessness, one account saying it held off nine lions with its spray


A winter-coated Stoat


The Striped Polecat or Zorilla


In a North American forest, a stoat chased a rabbit, seizing it by the neck then killing it with a powerful crunch.

The stoat's keen senses noticed a bush rustling, and a skunk-like creature emerged. The stoat growled defending it's kill and the Zorilla raised it's tail as a warning. The stoat felt something telling him to back off. The stoat started to retreat and the polecat walked up to the dead rabbit, right then, the stoat lunged and caught the polecat unawares, and the force of it sent both to the ground. The stoat had his jaws clamped around the polecat's neck, while the polecat desperately clawed at the stoat.

The polecat managed to squirm free of the stoat's grip, and the stoat, not thinking in the heat of battle, lunged again. That was a fatal mistake. The polecat, ready for the stoat this time, sprayed the stoat directly in the face. The stoat's eyes burned and he smelt a musky odor, then was pinned to ground by the polecat and with one powerful twist, had his neck snapped.

Winner Striped Polecat