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  • I live in New Martinsville, WV
  • My occupation is Coal Miner
  • I am a Good ole southerner
  • Richard Starkey

    The Dover Demon! The Alien like creature of Dover, Massachusetts! Vs. The Skunk Ape! The mystical Ape of Florida! Who is.... Deadliest!?

    To find out, our experts are testing Nature's most Lethal weapons to decide who will be crowned.... The Deadliest Beast!

    Weapons Teeth, and hands
    Diet Unknown
    Size Unknown, but smaller then the Skunk ape
    X-factors Small and nimble, faster then the Skunk Ape and can fit into smaller spaces

    Weapons Ape-like Teeth and strength
    Diet Unkown
    Size Unknown, but larger then the Dover Demon
    X-factors Very Ape-like, large and powerful


    • Good votes count as a whole vote, bad votes count as half, votes that don't give a good reeason don't count at all
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  • Richard Starkey

    So, this is a little thing to determine who is the Deadliest Beast in each category. It will work like Deadliest Horrors and DF championships on Deadliest Fiction (Thanks to CS for the idea). Categories will include the following: Small animals, Large animals, Airborne animals, Urban Legends and Aquatic Animals. Save the comments for when challenging another user to a battle, leave your loadouts on my talk page.

    Let the games Begin!

    Small: Wolverine Large: Kodiak Bear Airborne: Harpy Eagle Urban Legends: Bigfoot Aquatic: Orca

    Wassboss: Small: Bobcat Large: White Rhino Airborne: Eagle Owl Urban Legend Mothman Aquatic: Saltwater Crocodile

    CuchulainSetanta: Small: Goliath Bird-eater Large: Cape Buffalo Airborne: Raven Urban Legend: Giant Rat Aquatic…

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  • Richard Starkey

    Fossa Vs. Ocelot

    February 26, 2012 by Richard Starkey

    The Fossa! The cat like predator who dominates the food chain of Madagascar. Vs. The Ocelot! Small feline from South America, sometimes refered to as the Dwarf Leopard.

    Who is..... Deadliest!?

    Weapons Semi-Retractable claws and Canine teeth
    Diet Vertebrates consumed ranged from reptiles to a wide variety of birds, including both understory and ground birds, and mammals, including insectivores, rodents, and lemurs
    Size 28-31 in. long and weighs 12–19 lbs.
    X-factors Has slightly thicker skin then the Ocelot

    Weapons Teeth and claws similar to a smaller version of a leopard's
    Diet mostly small mammals (various rodents), reptiles and amphibians (lizards, turtles and frogs), crab, birds and fish.[11] Almost all of the prey that the ocelot hunts is far s…

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  • Richard Starkey

    The Walrus, Tusked pinniped from the artic Vs. The Leopard Seal, Carnivorous pinniped, who's sharp teeth and large size dominates the artic food chain

    Who is..... Deadliest?!

    Weapons 3 ft. 3 in. tusks
    Diet shrimp, crabs, tube worms, soft corals, tunicates, sea cucumbers, various mollusks, and even parts of other pinnipeds
    Size 3,700 lbs.
    X-factors Much thicker blubber then the Leopard seal

    Weapons 1 in. Canine teeth
    Diet Mostly krill, squid, fish, and penguins, sometimes crabeater seals
    Size 440-1302 lbs.
    X-factors Faster swimmer then the Walrus

    A male Leopard seal patrols his territory, searching for a potential meal or intruder, it's powerful flippers helping it move quickly and smoothly across the water. All of a sudden, the smell of blood goes in…

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  • Richard Starkey

    Osprey Vs. Barn Owl

    November 13, 2011 by Richard Starkey

    The Osprey, also known as the fishing eagle Vs. The Barn Owl, the fierce nocturnal hunter

    Who is.... Deadliest?!

    Weapons Sharp talons, fierce hooked beak

    99% fish and rarely small mammals, reptiles, and birds

    Size Slightly larger then the barn owl
    X-factors More lethal beak then the owl

    Weapons Curved beak and very long razor sharp talons
    Diet Small Vermin, occasionally small birds
    Size Slightly smaller then the osprey
    X-factors Much longer talons then the osprey

    A barn owl perches on a tree branch, intently watching a woodmouse. The owl silently swoops from it's perch, and time seems to slow as the owl wrapped it's long talons around the mouse. The mouse gave a frightened squeal as it was lifted from the ground. The owl gave it a vicious peck t…

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