Hello guys and gals! the Deadliest Beast Wiki! A new sister Wiki to Deadliest Fiction and soon to be apart of the Deadliest Warrior Network (DWN) Now this wiki just started up so dont judge a book by its cover. We are soon to get a Title Card, Logo, and Background. Which brings us to our first.....

Monthly Poll

This is our first Monthly Poll. SUBJECT: Logo

We have been looking for a Official Logo for DB, and we've got three epic candidates to choose from. The Winning Logo idea will be created by our friend Omnicube1 from the Deadliest Fiction Wiki. So pick the one that sounds the best to YOU! Here our the Candidates:

The Best Logo idea?

The poll was created at 22:26 on October 15, 2011, and so far 13 people voted.


We share the same rules with the Deadliest Fiction Wiki. Create to Omnicube1 for the Rules from DFW. Check our Policies out to learn the rules.

Up & Coming

This format for News is a one time thing. We will have a news format similar to the Deadliest Fiction News. With new segments like Battle of the Month.

Only Temporary

Our last news segment, we will be having a TEMPORARY Background of Tiger Stripes.

Nothing Special

Yea this news was nothing special since we are not done launching yet. But Enjoy!