Deadliest Beasts Wiki


All users, including unregistered contributors, have certain rights on this wiki.

  • All users must be respected
  • No one receives special treatment, even sysops
  • All users may contribute their own ideas on blogs

Good Faith

All edits will be considered "clean" and not as vandalism. However, editing is restricted to registered users only to reduce the threat of vandalism. However, if an edit is considered an unclean edit, users may revert it and the vandal must be reported to an admin. Users that have been labeled as vandals lose this privilege of good faith.


All users have a right to express themselves. However, obscene words/racial remarks are not allowed. Users who use "illegal" language will be given a formal warning. If you think that a word is obscene, Don't use it! Better safe than sorry. If users that have been warned continue to use horrendous language will be blocked for a minimum of three days.

Obscene Words*

  • Gay (used as a synonym for bad)
  • Faggot (and fag)
  • All racist, derogatory terms


Personally attacking a user is considered flaming. The first user to start flaming against another will be warned and if they continue their misbehavior the user will be blocked for a week and will be made to post a message of apology on their victim's talk page.

Avoiding a Conflict

To avoid a conflict just ignore the user who is insulting you. Report an admin immediately if you feel you are being attacked.