Deadliest Beasts Wiki

The Rajasaurus, The king of lizards Vs. The Afrovenator, The african hunter

Who is..... Deadliest?!


Weapons Razor sharp teeth, strong jaws, horns
Diet Hadrosaurs
Size 26.10-20 feet (Adult)
X-factors Bigger,stronger, and faster than the afrovenator


Weapons Razor Sharp teeth and claws
Diet Hadrosaurs
Size 29.5 feet
X-factors More agile than the Rajasaurus


The Rajasaurus takes down and kills a velafrons. The Afrovenator sneakily tries to steal the kill, but the rajasaurus roars at the Afrovenator. The Afrovenator jumps at the Rajasaurus’ face and scratches it on the nose. The rajasaurus stabs the Afrovenator in the chest with it’s horns. The rajasaurus backs up and charges at the Afrovenator, but the Afrovenator dodges and bites the rajasaurus in the leg. The Rajasaurus shakes it off and finally rams the Afrovenator down. The Afrovenator tries to escape, but the Rajasaurus bites the Afrovenator and snaps it’s neck. The Rajasaurus then roars in victory.

Winner: Rajasaurus