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220px-Polar Bear - Alaska

olar Bear has walking from its Arctic enclosure and entered an Great Jaggi. The Great Jaggi roar at each other, but it's the Great Jaggi that makes the first move. It tries to go for a neck bite, but the bear's blubber and fat protect it. The bear swings his paw at the cat's face, missing by a few inches. The Polar bear roars again and tries to take down the massive beast down but to no avail, getting shaken off. The polar bear swings his paw once again but the lizard's mane gets in the way. The lizard pounces and now has his claws driven through the bear's hide. It tries to shake the felid off but fails. Soon, the fight is taken to the ground. Great Jaggi slapping it tails Polar Bear's head, The bear punches Great Jaggi's head a few his paw mane get in the way. Great Jaggi his running away it chasing by bear. Polar bear catches Great Jaggi's body It tries to shake get let me go. Jaggi's tongue rips by bear, The bear grabs Jaggi's head and jaws a few it slap a three times, The bear drop jaggi is down, The polar bear slapping three times Great Jaggi's head, and jaws. It tries to go for beat, but the bear grabs Jaggi and protect it. Bear beating a jaggi swings his paw once again bit the Jaggi's jaws gets in the way. The bear breaking it the easily outwrestles the Jaggi's jaw. The bear easily outwrestles the jaggi and delivers a fatal paw swipe.

Winner: Polar Bear

Experts Opinion- The Polar Bear is much heavier and stronger.