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The alien Creature that stalked the town of Point Plesant followed by the collapse of the Silverbridge, and other supernatural events, then mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

Legendary Origin[]

thumb|300px|right in November of 1966 two young couples spotted a creatutre with "glowing red eyes" that were picked up by the headlights. they described it as a "flying man, with ten foot wings" over by the old "TNT area" as its known by the town locals. the next week, two firefighters spotted a, "large bird with red eyes" making the red eyes a very distinctive feature of the creature. the day after, the sherif gave the creature its name, "the mothman" dispite the countless reports of the creature being a giant bird. finaly, on December 15, 1967, the Silver Bridge collapsed killing 46. after the incident, no more reports of the monster in point pleasant were recorded. The mothman has been reported to have been seen in the area before an accident such as 9/11, Chernobyl and the Fukushima meltdown.

Reports of the Creature[]

  • in 1966, a young couple was the first to spot the creature near the old TNT factory
  • two vouluteer firemen spotted the creature two days after the first sighting
  • a contractor was walking around town the same month with his flashlight at night when he shined the light on the creature saying, "his eyes glowed like bycicle reflectors"
  • the same contracter stayed home one night and repoted strange noises from his tv.the screen flashed once. outside, a huge creature appeard and then vanished with a ghostly howl that was described to be ear-pierceing.