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Round 1: As the bell rings, the Komodo Dragon takes a cautious approach, using its camouflage to blend into the surrounding environment. It waits, keeping a keen eye on its opponent. The African Lion, sensing its adversary's presence, paces around the arena, searching for the hidden dragon. Sensing an opportunity, the lion lunges forward, its powerful jaws aimed at the dragon's neck. However, the Komodo Dragon swiftly dodges the lion's attack, relying on its agility to evade the lion's deadly jaws.

Round 2: Both animals now aware of each other's strength, they approach with caution. The Komodo Dragon circles around the lion, its venomous bite a constant threat. Darting in and out, the dragon attempts to deliver a venomous bite, but the lion's swift reflexes allow it to parry the attack. Unfazed, the lion retaliates with a swift swipe of its massive paw, hitting the dragon square in the side. The impact leaves the dragon momentarily stunned, allowing the lion to press its advantage.

Round 3: With one round apiece, the tension in the arena is palpable. The lion, sensing victory, charges towards the battered dragon. However, the Komodo Dragon, never one to back down, stands tall, ready to unleash a final assault. The dragon, relying on its powerful tail, knocks the lion off balance, buying it enough time to sink its venomous fangs into the lion's hind leg. The lion roars in pain, desperately trying to dislodge the dragon's grip. But it's too late. The venom courses through the lion's body, rendering it weak and disoriented.

Winner: Komodo Dragon[]

Winner Announcement: Ladies and gentlemen, we have witnessed an incredible display of strength and strategy from both contenders. After three intense rounds, the winner of this matchup is the mighty Komodo Dragon! Unleashing its deadly venom and cunning attacks, the dragon emerged victorious over the formidable African Lion. What a fight, folks!