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The Komodo Dragon is a top predator, it is the largest Lizard known to man. It has razor sharp teeth curved backwards enabling it to saw through things. It is found only in the Komodo islands in Indonesia. They can grow up to 9.8 feet. The Komodo Dragon is extremely fast and can run up to 13 - 16 mph. Due to it only living in 4 islands, it is vulnerble to extinction if it will be hunted. It's weapons include curved back razor sharp teeth razor sharp claws. It is known for useing its tail to trip its prey wich includes Pigs, Boar, Deer, Buffalo, Snakes, including poisonous ones including the Ferice

Komodo dragon
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Komodo Dragon on the Hunt


islands in Indonesia(Komodo, Flores, Rinca, Gilimontang,Padar.


Length wise 8-13 feet, Heightwise 18 inch(45 cm), weight 150lb-500lbs(70-250 kg)


Humans, Lizards,Boars, Pigs, Water Buffalos, Snakes, Deers



Weapons and Traits

curved back razor sharp teeth, razor sharp claws, it has poisonos saliva, strong tail is used for tripping other animals like deers, very unperdictble, highly intellegent, very fast, can be very agressive if provoked, angry, or hungry, completely fearless and will fight just about anything to the death.

Battle Status

Victorious over the Honey Badger Victorious over the Cheetah Lost to Kodiak Bear Lost to Bengal Tiger

Snake which can kill a man in 25 minutes and humans. It is also known for digging up dead bodies in cemetaries, and it is capble of eating 80% of its weight. The Komodo is a specialst at blending into the jungle as it hides and crawls true tall grass and waits for its prey.

Battle vs Honey Badger: A Komodo dragon is eating a deer carrion, not far away a Honey badger spots. The badger closes in then the komodo notices. The two animals started to hiss at eachother untill the badger attacks the komodo with its claws. Angered the komodo rams the badger with its snout, knocking it. The badger countered with a bite then it jumped to the komodo's back and gores it with it's claws, but the thick skin is too much for the badger's claws. The komodo shakes it's enemy by standing on two legs than tail slashes it, breaking some of the badger's bones. The badger is still alive and tries to attack the komodo but fails due to the broken bones, the komodo ends the battle by swallowing the badger. Winner: Komodo dragon due to its huge size, thick hide and strong tail. It also has an elastic mouth

Battle vs Cheetah A male Komodo dragon is eating a dead deer carrion near the river. Nearby a male Cheetah is walking towards the river. He spots another predator and attacks the Komodo dragon. The Komodo quickly tail whips the Cheetah, knocking it. The Cheetah tried to claw the dragon but the dragon dodges and rips open the Cheetah's underbelly. Winner: Komodo dragon.

Battle vs Bengal Tiger

The two meet the tiger jumps on the back of the komodo dragon, the komodo dragon whips the cat off and bites it, the Tiger evades it and kills the lizard. The tiger wins the round. However the tiger drops after days of inflection.

Winner: Tiger