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Jersey devil

the Jersy Devil has struck fear in the minds of people all over New Jersey since the birth of this creature, to the modern day.

Legendary Origin[]

In the 18th century, a mother of twelve children name Mother Leeds planned on having her 13th child. In her community she was know as a witch and an outcast, but she refused to accept that due to the statements she makes about her children all being angels. But, when her 13th child comes, she wishes for a change. by watching her children play outside, she prays on the doorstep of her cabin door, saying, "let this one be a devil" envoking evil forces to invade the childs

Jersey Devil







Batle Status

Wil Fight: Mothman and Yeti


Short Range- Hooves

Med Range- Barbed Tail

body and transform it, according to one version of the story. when the child was born, he was named "Lucas" but immediently after, the creature attained a devil body, and flew out of the room, some say out the chimney, some say out of the window.

History of the Creature[]

Durring the 18th and 19th century, the story provoked fear into the minds of the residence of New Jersey and parents prevented their children from going outside past 6:00pm, in fear of the creature taking them away. but as the 1800s wound down, so did the belief in the creature. but in 1909 , the creature attacked again, causing the Philidelphia Post to release a headline story that made this small town folkore a historic legend all across New England. The creature then came back,ingulfing America in the fear that terrified the people of the 18th and 19th century. The legend began to dissolve one last time, but it didnt go away, this time, there is more proof than there was 100 years ago, of the creature's exsistance.

Reports of the Creature[]

  • Joseph Boneparte (oldest brother of Napoleon Boneparte) was hunting in his estate in New Jersey in 1820 when, he encoutered the creature in a tree flapping it wings.
  • in 1923, a farmer shot down an unidentified creature after it attempted to kill his livestock. he showed the corpse to 100 people, but no one could identify it.
  • a creature identified as the Jersy Devil was reported in 1937
  • in 1960, unknown tracks were found accompanied by a loud shriek. during the same year, the goverment offered a $10,000 dollar reward for the capture of the creature alive
  • in 2008, there was a reported 10 reports of the devil