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A jaguar is wandering in an abandoned temple when he suddenly spots a Tiger feeding close by, the Jaguar roars at his striped cousin to back off, but the Tiger ignores. The Jaguar then charges at the Tiger, but trips upon impact, catching the Tiger off-guard, the agile Tiger then quickly recovers and attempts a throat bite, but the Jaguar shakes off the attack and the combatants are back to square one. Both the Jaguar and the Tiger roar, claw, and wrestle with one another, but neither lands a fatal blow, The Tiger then tries to end the fight with a fatal neck bite, but the Jaguar avoids the attack. The Tiger then charges at the Jaguar, but the Jaguar deflects the attack, catches the Tiger off guard again and delivers the killing bite to the Tiger's neck, but its bite doesn't affect the Tiger much, the Tiger flips over itself, and throws the Jaguar onto the ground, after the Tiger lunges immediately and swipes the Jaguar's neck killing him instantly. The Tiger roars in victory, and once again enjoys his meal.

Winner: Tiger