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A Honey badger tears apart his fresh spectacled cobra kill. A hungry wild boar approaches. The wild boar charges at the Honey badger and then the wild boar uses its body to knock the badger back into a ground, the honey badger soon charges at the wild boar, gets on 2 legs and starts to scratch the wild boar, but the wild boar knocks the honey badger back again. Separated from his prey, the honey badger begins to run towards the wild boar again. The honey badger is caught by surprise and the honey badger goes for a neck bite but the wild pig swings its tusks at him. The boar sizes up his opponent and decides to attack. The wild boar and honey badger both wrestle for a while until the honey badger bites it by the neck with the wild boar yelling, ending the fight. Growls are heard nearby and the honey badger leaves the area.

Winner-Honey Badger

Experts Opinion- The wild boar won due to larger size and being a solitary predator, unlike the honey badger.