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The Hippopotomus: Africa's most dangerous large animal which kills more people a year than all others put together.



Bull Shark: The Mean Munching Machine which fersome nature inspired the movie Jaws.

An injured male hippopotamus is seen resting in his stretch of the Zambezi river, relaxing by the water′s edge, unaware that a bull shark is roaming around, looking for food. The shark catches the smell of meat, but does not know where it is coming from. The shark starts the encounter with an exploratory bump. After confirming the hippopotamus is indeed food, the shark bites the side, but the massive girth combined with the enormous weight of the hippopotamus is too much of a mouthful for the smaller shark. Even the thick skin in the back leg proves too tough. Despite this, the shark does manage to rip off the hippopotamus's tail. All while, the hippo has been roaring in pain, not knowing what hit him, but his bad temper lights a fire in his belly. Soon, the hippopotamus submerges and spots the deadly shark. The enraged hippopotamus comes towards the shark, and the shark comes towards the hippopotamus, who then opens his mouth, revealing his huge sharp foot-long canine teeth, but the bull shark keeps coming and is finally crushed and killed when the larger hippopotamus closes his mouth on it.

Winner Hippopotomus