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Greenland Shark
Greenland Shark


The North Atlantic Ocean, around Canada, Greenland, and Iceland


Up to 21 feet long and 2,200 pounds


Fish; has been known to eat polar bears and caribou, although these are probably carrion; may attack and kill seals for food

Weapons and Traits

Surprising speed; strong, rolling bites; flesh is poisonous

Battle Status

Will fight Giant Squid

Also known as the sleeper shark for its lazy movements, the Greenland shark is a large shark that dwells in cold water around Canada, Greenland, and Iceland. Nearly as big as the great white, the Greenland shark is also one of the few sharks known to be able to tolerate fresh water, having been found in the St. Lawrence River.

Although the Greenland shark may initally seem slow and harmless, it has been reported to attack seals and even caribou. It is possible it may also be a threat to humans; Inuit legends tell of it attacking kayaks, and some scientists have reported specimens stalking them while they are walking on the ice.