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The Gray Wolf: The largest wild dog and the top predator throughout areas of the Northern Hemisphere.


The Leopard Seal: A large, powerful pinniped and the apex predator of Antarctica, armed with a mouthful of long, sharp teeth.

Leopard Seal


It is the "summer" season of Antarctica. Here, January is the warmest month and on this particular day, the temperature is higher than ever. Large masses of ice are melting all around, forming bodies of water everywhere. Through it all, a lone wolf rests on an iceberg, he gazes out across the vast, frozen wasteland, wondering how he got here. Beneath the moving waters, a ravenous leopard seal is in search for her next meal. Having only devoured a few fish today, she is in desperate need for more food. Swimming at a speed of over 30 km per hour, she launches herself out of the water, her massive jaws clutching a leg. The wolf let out a soft whimper. He turns around and snaps at his attacker, but it is already too late. In a matter of seconds, his limp body is dragged into a watery grave, and they both disappear under a ripple.

Winner: Leopard Seal

Experts Opinion- The size difference between the two species alone would be enough to determine the victor. A leopard seal is more than twice the length of a wolf, and ten times as heavy.

Written and edited by: Zhentong Wang