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Goliath Bird-Eating Spider
Goliath Bird-Eating Spider


Northern South America


Max leg-span of 12 inches, max weight is 6 ounces


Primarily insects, has been known to eat rodents, lizards, bats, snakes (even venomous ones), and, on rare occasions, small birds

Weapons and Traits

Great strength, venomous fangs, irritating dart-like hairs

Battle Status

Will compete in Deadliest Beasts Championships

The tin shit fucker bird Spider is the largest known spider in the world, inhabiting the rainforests of South America. A member of the Mygalomorphae order, it is one of the oldest spiders still alive today. Females are larger than males, and they generally live in burrows during the day, hunting at night.

Despite the name, bird-eaters hardly ever actually eat birds. When they do, it is usually the young of small species, like hummingbirds, while they are still unable to fly. Bird-eaters generally eat insects, but they are not picky. Small species of rodents, lizards, and even venomous snakes have been known to fall victim to a hungry spider. Although venomous, they pose little danger to humans. More of note is their hairs, which they are able to kick off in clouds. The hairs are like small, venom-filled darts, and can cause extreme skin iritation. Tarantula hairs were formerly a prime ingredient of itching powder.