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Giant Squid
Giant Squid


The Atlantic Ocean around North America and Europe, and the Pacific around Japan and New Zealand


Full size unknown; specimens reaching 66 feet have been reported; females generally reach 43 feet and 610 pounds, males 33 feet and 330 pounds


Deep-sea fish and squid

Weapons and Traits

10 strong tentacles covered in barbed hooks; strong, razor-sharp beak; can squirt blinding ink

Battle Status

Will fight Greenland Shark and Great White Shark.

Once considered a legend, the giant squid is the second largest mollusc and one of the largest animals alive today. For centuries, scientists dismissed reports of giant squids as nothing more than fiction, but carcasses washing ashore began to appear in the 1800s, confirming this behemoth as a real animal. Recently, scientists have succeeded in photographing live giant squid in their natural habitat.

Although stories of giant squid attacking ships are likely tall tales, this is by no means a gentle giant. Each of its ten tentacles is covered in barbed hooks, and they have been known to fight sperm whales.

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