Deadliest Beasts Wiki

Chapter 1: Scorching of the Earth Contestants:

Saltwater Crocodile

Great White Shark



Spotted Hyena


Tyrannosaurus Rex


Hammerhead Shark

Goblin Shark

Saltwater Crocodile vs Great White Shark[]

ROUND 1: As the bell rings, the battle begins underwater. The Saltwater Crocodile, lurking in the shallows, takes advantage of its camouflage to blend into the surroundings. Sensing movement in the water, it stealthily approaches the Great White Shark. With a swift burst of power, the crocodile launches itself at its opponent, clamping its powerful jaws onto the shark's flank. The shark thrashes violently, trying to break free. However, its agility allows it to twist and turn, escaping the crocodile's grip. The round ends with neither competitor gaining a clear advantage.

ROUND 2: With determination in their eyes, the competitors engage once again. This time, the Great White Shark takes the initiative. Utilizing its sleek body and exceptional speed, it darts towards the crocodile, jaws open wide. The crocodile, relying on its thick skin and sheer strength, stands its ground and meets the shark head-on. The impact sends shockwaves through the water, but the crocodile manages to fend off the shark's attack. It counters with a swift tail swipe, forcing the shark to retreat momentarily. The round ends in a heated stalemate.

ROUND 3: In the final round, both creatures show signs of exhaustion but remain unbowed. The Saltwater Crocodile, driven by its territorial nature, goes on the offensive. It lunges forward with a powerful bite, catching the Great White Shark by the tail. With tremendous strength, it drags the shark beneath the water's surface, attempting to drown it. But the shark, using its muscular swimmer's body, resists the crocodile's grip. With a massive surge of energy, the shark breaks free and circles its opponent. Seeing an opportunity, it unleashes a flurry of quick, powerful bites all over the crocodile's body. Overwhelmed by the relentless assault, the crocodile weakens, unable to defend itself. The round ends with the Great White Shark emerging as the dominant predator. As a resultm, the Croc is eliminated!

Green Ant Army vs Murder Hornet[]

Round 1: The first round begins, and the Green Ant Army wastes no time launching their coordinated attack. They quickly surround the Murder Hornet, using their sheer numbers to overwhelm it. The ants crawl all over the hornet's body, biting and stinging relentlessly. However, the Murder Hornet retaliates with powerful swoops, using its wings to create a turbulent wind, dispersing several ants. The hornet's mandibles snap, aiming to crush any ant unfortunate enough to get too close. Despite their resilience, the Green Ant Army's offense is hindered by the hornet's agility and powerful defensive maneuvers.

Round 2: In the second round, the Green Ant Army adapts their strategy. They form a tight defensive formation, protecting their vulnerable members in the center. As the Murder Hornet attempts to make its way through the ant wall, it faces a barrage of bites and stings. The ants strategically target the hornet's wings, attempting to hamper its flight capabilities. Though the hornet manages to swoop and knock down several ants, the Green Ant Army's unified defense proves effective in curbing the hornet's attacks.

Round 3: Entering the final round, both competitors show signs of fatigue. The relentless attacks from the Green Ant Army and the defensive prowess of the Murder Hornet have taken their toll. Sensing an opportunity, the hornet takes to the skies and hovers just above the ant formation. It releases a cloud of pheromones, signaling distress and attracting reinforcements from nearby hornets. The Green Ant Army, unprepared for this aerial ambush, faces an onslaught of hornets, swiftly outnumbered and overwhelmed. Despite their bravery and ferocious struggle, the ants succumb to the collective strength of the Murder Hornet swarm. As a result and the overcome, the Green Ant army is eliminated.

Spotted Hyena vs Silverback Lowland Gorilla[]

Round 1: As the bell rings, the Gorilla charges forward, pounding its massive chest and emitting a thunderous roar. It tries to intimidate the Hyena with its sheer size and raw power. The Hyena, however, remains cautious, circling around the Gorilla, looking for an opening.

Round 2: The Gorilla, now more determined, charges at the Hyena once again, but this time with a different strategy. It tries to grab the Hyena with its massive arms, aiming to overpower it. However, the Hyena manages to slip away, utilizing its agility and speed to outmaneuver the Gorilla's grasp.

Round 3: As we enter the final round, both animals show signs of weariness. The Gorilla, frustrated by its failed attempts, resorts to its primal instincts. It pounds its chest once again, letting out a deafening roar that echoes through the arena. The Hyena, undeterred by the display, maintains its focus. The hyena, as a result of the cheat of retreat, is eliminated.

Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Allosaurus[]

Round 1: As the bell rings, the T. rex charges forward, relying on sheer force to overwhelm its opponent. Its massive jaws snap open, aiming to deliver a bone-crushing bite. However, the Allosaurus quickly evades the attack, using its nimble movements to dodge and weave. It counters with lightning-fast slashes from its claws, leaving deep gashes on the T. rex's scaly skin. The T. rex, undeterred, tries to stomp the Allosaurus with its colossal feet. The Allosaurus narrowly escapes, gracefully avoiding the powerful strikes. Round one ends with both contenders still standing, showcasing their unique battle strategies.

Round 2: The T. rex enters round two with determination, utilizing its heavyweight advantage. It lunges forward, attempting to pin the Allosaurus to the ground with its sheer force. However, the Allosaurus brilliantly sidesteps the charge, using its speed and agility to avoid the onslaught. It retaliates with swift bites on the T. rex's flanks, causing the massive predator to roar in pain. Sensing a potential victory, the Allosaurus continues its assault, slashing with its sharp claws and weakening the T. rex's defenses. Round two concludes with the Allosaurus appearing to gain the upper hand.

Round 3: With the match nearing its climax, the T. rex refuses to back down. It uses its massive tail to try and knock the Allosaurus off balance, but the Allosaurus manages to maintain its poise, constantly circling its enormous foe. The T. rex lunges forward one last time, jaws wide open, determined to claim victory. But the Allosaurus, in a final display of its agility, swiftly moves out of harm's way. As the T. rex's momentum carries it forward, it crashes into the edge of the battle arena, momentarily stunned. The Allosaurus seizes this opportunity, delivering a series of powerful attacks with its teeth and claws, leaving the T. rex weakened and defenseless. The T-Rex, using his last moments of energy, bites the allosaurus and cracks his neck. As a result, the T-Rex is the winner, and the Allo is therefore eliminated.

Hammerhead Shark vs Goblin Shark[]

Round 1: The bell rings, and the Hammerhead Shark wastes no time, rushing towards its opponent with incredible speed. Its wide head and keen vision enable it to pinpoint the Goblin Shark's position accurately. With a thunderous swing of its hammer-shaped head, the Hammerhead Shark delivers a powerful blow, stunning its adversary. Sensing the danger, the Goblin Shark swiftly retreats, utilizing its flexible body to dodge the attack. These evasive maneuvers keep the Goblin Shark out of harm's way and ready for its countermove.

Round 2: Both fighters circle each other cautiously, measuring their next moves. The Goblin Shark, utilizing its superior olfactory senses, detects a weak spot in the Hammerhead Shark's defense. Seizing the opportunity, it lunges forward, extending its jaws with incredible speed. The sharp teeth of the Goblin Shark sink into the Hammerhead's tough skin, inflicting a painful bite. The Hammerhead Shark, however, retaliates immediately, using its muscular body to shake the Goblin Shark off. The battle intensifies as both competitors show their resilience and determination.

Round 3: As the match enters its final round, fatigue starts to show on both fighters. The Hammerhead Shark, aware of its opponent's ambush tactics, maintains a more cautious approach. It uses its superior vision to keep a safe distance, preparing for a decisive strike. The Goblin Shark, sensing its opportunity is dwindling, becomes more aggressive. It darts forward, jaws extended, aiming for the Hammerhead's vulnerable underbelly. But the Hammerhead Shark's anticipation is unmatched, and with a lightning-fast movement, it delivers a devastating blow right on target. The powerful impact leaves the Goblin Shark disoriented, unable to mount a comeback. The goblin shark is eliminated!

Chapter 2: The Epic Round Contestants:

Great White Shark



Tyrannosaurus Rex

Hammerhead Shark

Great White Shark vs Murder Hornet Army[]

Round 1: As the bell rings, the Great White Shark lunges forward with its massive jaws wide open. With lightning speed, it snaps at the surrounding hornets, aiming to catch a few unfortunate ones within its deadly grasp. The swarm of Murder Hornets responds with a coordinated attack, buzzing around the shark, trying to sting any vulnerable spot they can find. Although the shark manages to inflict some damage, it struggles to catch the nimble hornets as they evade its biting attempts.

Round 2: Entering the second round, the Murder Hornet Army continues their relentless assault. The hornets coordinate their attacks, aiming at the shark's eyes, gills, and sensitive areas, attempting to strike with their venomous stingers. Despite their efforts, the Great White Shark proves its strength and agility, twisting and turning in the water to minimize its exposure to the hornets. Frustrated, the hornets struggle to penetrate the shark's robust defenses, failing to deliver any significant blows.

Round 3: With both contenders still standing strong, the tension rises as we enter the final round. The Great White Shark, now aware of the hornets' tactics, begins to adjust its strategy. It positions itself near the water's surface, swimming in shallow depths to disrupt the hornets' flight patterns. Taking advantage of its speed and powerful jaw, the shark delivers swift and deadly bites, taking down multiple hornets with each attack. The hornets, overwhelmed by the shark's new approach, find it increasingly difficult to organize an effective response. The hornet is now eliminated.

Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Hammerhead Shark[]

Round 1: As the bell rings, the Tyrannosaurus Rex charges forward, its thunderous footsteps shaking the ground beneath our feet. With jaws wide open, it attempts to deliver a powerful bite onto the agile Hammerhead Shark. However, the Hammerhead Shark swiftly maneuvers away, its streamlined body allowing it to avoid the T-Rex's massive jaws. It retaliates with lightning-fast strikes of its own, biting at the T-Rex's legs. Despite its smaller size, the Hammerhead Shark's agility and speed make it a challenging target for the T-Rex.

Round 2: In the second round, the T-Rex adjusts its strategy. Realizing the advantage lies in its powerful bite, it feigns a lunge, causing the Hammerhead Shark to swim nearer. Just as the Hammerhead Shark closes in, the T-Rex strikes with precision, delivering a bone-crushing bite onto the Hammerhead Shark's body. The force of the attack visibly injures the Hammerhead Shark, impairing its ability to swim and fight effectively. The T-Rex asserts its dominance, dealing significant damage and taking control of the round.

Round 3: With the final round commencing, the Hammerhead Shark rallies its remaining strength. Despite its visible injuries, it remains fiercely determined. Sensing the T-Rex's size advantage, the Hammerhead Shark uses its agility to stay close to the dinosaur, evading potential attacks. It manages to deliver a series of devastating bites onto the T-Rex's underbelly, causing significant damage. Therefore, the hammerhead is eliminated!

With three competitors left remaining, the three competitors have still stamina.

Silverback Lowland Gorilla vs Great White Shark[]

Round 1: The bell rings, and the Gorilla charges forward with impressive speed. Its massive arms swing wildly, aiming to land a powerful blow on the shark. However, the Great White takes advantage of its agility, swiftly swimming out of reach. Predicting the Gorilla's moves, the shark circles around, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. As the Gorilla tries to corner its elusive opponent, the shark launches an attack, chomping its jaws towards the primate. But alas! The Gorilla expertly evades, dodging the ferocious bite and delivering a mighty punch to the shark's side. The round ends with both contenders displaying their impressive offensive and defensive skills.

Round 2: Round two begins with a heightened focus from both creatures. The Gorilla, utilizing its intelligence, lures the shark towards the shallow end of the arena. As the water level decreases, the shark finds it harder to maneuver. Seizing this opportunity, the Gorilla pounces, landing a series of powerful punches and delivering a forceful body slam on the struggling shark. The Great White attempts to retaliate with its sharp jaws, but the Gorilla's agility prevails, bobbing and weaving to avoid the lethal bite. The round concludes with the Gorilla clearly dominating this land-based encounter.

Round 3: In the final round, the battle transitions back to the deeper end of the arena. The shark, rejuvenated, glides through the water with deadly precision. Sensing the urgency, the Gorilla desperately searches for an advantage. With a final burst of energy, the Gorilla grapples onto the shark's tail, attempting to drag it towards the ground. However, the shark fights back fiercely, thrashing its powerful body and evoking a sense of desperation in the Gorilla. Exhaustion takes its toll on both competitors as they engage in a fierce struggle for supremacy. After an intense back-and-forth, the round concludes, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. The gorilla is surprisingly eliminated!

CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Great White Shark[]

Round 1: As the bell rings, the T-Rex charges forward, thundering across the arena with its enormous strides. The shark, lurking beneath the water's surface, senses the impending danger. With a sudden burst of power, it lunges towards the T-Rex, aiming to sink its teeth into the dinosaur's vulnerable underside. Sensing the threat, the T-Rex pivots swiftly, narrowly evading the shark's attack. The T-Rex retaliates by delivering a crushing bite to the shark's tail, causing it to retreat into the water. Round one goes to the T-Rex for its quick reflexes and powerful bite.

Round 2: Determined to reclaim its territory, the shark circles beneath the surface, waiting patiently for the perfect opportunity to strike. Meanwhile, the T-Rex, keenly aware of the threat below, stomps around the perimeter, searching for its elusive foe. Suddenly, the water churns violently as the shark surges upward, jaws wide open to ensnare the T-Rex's vulnerable neck. The T-Rex attempts to swat the incoming shark away with its gigantic claws but is unable to hit the swift underwater predator in time. The shark locks its jaws onto the T-Rex's neck, causing heavy bleeding. Despite its valiant struggle, the T-Rex succumbs to the shark's superior agility and fails to dislodge its aquatic adversary. Round two goes to the Great White Shark for its clinical strike.

Round 3: Bloodied but not defeated, the T-Rex enters the final round with an unwavering determination. It cautiously steps near the water's edge, challenging the shark to come forth. The predator of the deep, sensing victory within its grasp, makes its move. In an instant, the water erupts as the shark lunges at the T-Rex one last time. Displaying its incredible strength, the T-Rex lunges forward, clamping its jaws around the shark's midsection. With a tremendous display of power, the T-Rex thrashes the shark from side to side, shaking it vigorously as the water turns red with blood. Weakening under the massive force exerted upon it, the shark eventually goes limp, succumbing to the T-Rex's overwhelming strength. Round three favors the T-Rex for its resilience and final devastating attack. The winner is the UNDISPUTED T-REX!