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Round 1: As the bell rings, the elephant wastes no time, charging towards the elephant seal with incredible speed. However, the seal, spotting the imminent attack, manages to dive into a nearby pool of water, evading the elephant's initial charge. The elephant, unable to venture too far into the water due to its size, halts its attack and roars in frustration. Round one goes to the elephant seal for its quick thinking and ability to utilize its environment.

Round 2: Eager to redeem itself, the elephant adjusts its strategy in the second round. It circles around the water, creating a disturbance that forces the elephant seal to retreat onto land. With the battle back on solid ground, the elephant takes advantage of its size and attempts to trample the seal with its powerful legs. Sensing the danger, the seal rolls out of the way just in time, avoiding the full force of the elephant's attack. In a retaliatory move, the seal lunges forward, clamping its jaws onto the elephant's leg. Though it manages to inflict some damage, the elephant's thick skin protects it from a severe injury. Round two ends with a draw, as both animals display impressive defensive moves.

Round 3: With the score tied, tension fills the air as we move into the final round. The elephant, realizing that brute strength won't be enough, resorts to a more calculated approach. It uses its trunk to grab a nearby tree branch, swinging it towards the seal like a makeshift club. The elephant seal, caught off guard, is hit with a powerful strike that momentarily stuns it. Seizing the opportunity, the elephant charges forward, delivering a bone-crushing blow with its massive tusks. The impact is too much for the seal to withstand, and it collapses to the ground, unable to continue.

Winner: Elephant[]

Winner Announcement: What an incredible battle we've witnessed today! In this epic showdown between the mighty elephant and the agile elephant seal, the true victor emerges - the magnificent elephant! Its combination of sheer size, intelligence, and calculated attacks proved to be too much for the adversary. The elephant's strength and strategic thinking ultimately secured its victory in this thrilling matchup.

Elephant (African Elephant)