Deadliest Beasts Wiki


Registered users are allowed to use Wiki Chat on this wiki under the premises that they will act cordially and respectfully towards other users. If a user has been blocked from chat they reserve the right to argue their case before formal administrators.


All users have a right to express themselves. However, obscene words/racial remarks are not allowed. Users who use "illegal" language will be given a formal warning. If any officials ask you to stop, please do, disobeying will result in a three day to 2 week ban from chat or the wiki in general, depending on your action.

Obscene Words*[]

  • Gay (used as a synonym for bad)
  • Faggot (and fag)
  • All racist, derogatory terms
  • If you feel your language will offend, refrain from using it


Users may provide links to this wiki or other websites. However, links to malware/virus infected websites, pornographic websites, and/or inappropriate websites is illegal on all sites associated with Wikia. Do not click on a link that you feel uncomfortable about. Users who send links to malware/virus infected websites, pornographic websites, and inappropriate websites through our wiki chat will be permanently banned and may be reported to Wikia and/or local law enforcement agencies.


Personally attacking a user is considered flaming. The first user to start flaming against another will be warned and if they continue their misbehavior the user will be blocked for a week and will be made to post a message of apology on their victim's talk page.

Avoiding a Conflict[]

To avoid a conflict just ignore the user who is insulting you. Report this to an admin or a chat moderator immediately if you feel you are being attacked.


Sock-Puppeting to sneak a vote or "spy" on users is not tolerated. Sock-Puppeting is creating another wikia account and using it to get another vote on a battle or "spy" on others on chat. If any officials find you Sock-Puppeting, you will get a 20 to 45 day ban depending on your action, sometimes even a Permaban.