The Capybara, The world’s largest rodent in the world Vs. The Black-footed ferret, The mustelid that hunts prairie dogs

Who is..... Deadliest?!

Capybara Edit

Weapons Scissor like teeth, feet
Diet Grass,water plants
Size 3.5 – 4.4 feet. (Adult)
X-factors Bigger and stronger than the Black-footed ferret

Black-footed ferret Edit

Weapons Razor Sharp teeth and claws
Diet squirrels, mice, prairie dogs, and other rodents
Size 16 inches
X-factors Faster and more agile than the Capybara

A capybara eating grass

A black-footed ferret

Battle Edit

In the great plains, the Capybara walks by the river to get a drink. The black-footed ferret stalks the capybara. The black-footed ferret leaps onto the capybara’s back. The capybara tries to shake the black-footed ferret off, but the black-footed ferret refuses to let go, and sinks it’s teeth into the capybara’s back, but the capybara was finally able to shake the black-footed ferret off. The black-footed ferret scratches the capybara in the leg, but the capybara fights back by kicking the black-footed ferret. Injured, the black-footed ferret limps away from the river.

Winner: Capybara