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Round 1: As the bell rings, the Blue Whale starts off the bout with a slow and deliberate approach, utilizing its size to its advantage. It makes a colossal lunge towards the Sperm Whale, aiming to crush it with its massive body. However, the agile Sperm Whale, aware of its opponent's fierce strength, counters with swift evasive maneuvers, gracefully dodging the oncoming assault. The Sperm Whale retaliates with a powerful head-butt, aimed at weakening the Blue Whale's defenses. Both competitors display remarkable defensive skills, making it impossible to determine a clear winner in this round.

Round 2: Entering the second round, the Blue Whale modifies its strategy, recognizing the Sperm Whale's agility. It cunningly maneuvers around, waiting for an opportune moment to strike. Sensing its opponent's tactics, the Sperm Whale circles the Blue Whale, attempting to confuse and disorient it. Suddenly, with lightning speed, the Sperm Whale unleashes a barrage of head-butts, targeting the vulnerable underbelly of the Blue Whale. Despite the valiant efforts of both creatures, the repeated blows by the Sperm Whale break through the Blue Whale's defense, leaving it visibly weakened.

Round 3: The final round commences with the Blue Whale displaying tremendous resilience, refusing to back down. It unleashes its last resort offensive move, initiating a massive tail slap aimed directly at the Sperm Whale. The sheer force of this attack creates a tremendous shockwave in the water, causing the Sperm Whale to momentarily lose its bearings. Seizing this opportunity, the Blue Whale strikes with overpowering force, ramming its head into the Sperm Whale's flank. The Sperm Whale's defensive abilities are shattered, leaving it vulnerable and unable to recover.

Winner: Blue Whale[]

Winner Announcement: And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! After three intense rounds, emerging triumphant from this epic battle is the Blue Whale! Through its sheer size and relentless determination, it proved itself worthy of being crowned the champion of the ocean as it overpowered the Sperm Whale. The ocean witnesses the mighty ruling over the deep with a thunderous victory!