• Pang.heefone

    These 2 are few of the most successful carnivorious mammals who adapted well to urban life. Which one will win in a fight to the death?

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  • Pang.heefone

    It's the battle of the armoured tanks of convergent evolution. Which of these toothless mamals armed with massive claws will defeat the other?

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  • Pygmy Hippo 2

    The Loch Ness Monster, one of the most famous Cryptids and a relic of the past!

    Jaws, the titanic predator that terrorized an entire community!

    Both creatures are 25 feet long and are able to swim very well.

    Loch Ness Monster


    The Loch Ness Monster's teeth are used for eating fish but her long neck enables her great reach.

    Land Travel

    The Loch Ness Monster can travel on land with her flippers.


    The Loch Ness Monster can stay hidden even in the age of sonar.



    Jaws has a huge mouth with rows of sharp teeth for tearing prey to bits.


    Jaws has a very bulky body and it took a explosion in his mouth to kill him.


    Jaws regularly uses a single surprise attack to claim his victims.

    Fight takes place in Loch Ness. Voting end…

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  • Cosmo6252

    Now were getting into the real creepy crawly's! These 2 arachnids seem to terrify people, yet we keep them as pets. What will happen in this battle? Will the bird eater penetrate the thick armor of the scorpion, or will the scorpion take a quick victory? 

    Goliath bird eater 

    info: you sure dont want this on you at night! located in south america, this tarantula earns its name for, you guessed it, eating birds as its main prey! It also eats rodents, frogs, toads, lizards, and snakes, thats f@@@@d up! But of course it eats various bugs like cockroaches and crickets.

    Size and weight: most bird eaters have a leg span of 11 inches, a body I'm guessing about 6-8 inches long, and weigh over 6.0 oz, thats one big spider.

    Fangs: these goliaths are pack…

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  • Cosmo6252


    These 2 predators are some of the most vicous predators out there, but what happens when these 2 go head to head? Will the shark take a fishy victory or will the crocodile take a scally victory.

    The great white shark

    info: the greate white shark is one of the most deadliest sharks out there, the documented shark attacks done by the great white are 308, 272 of them done on humans themselves and 108 done on on boats, though great whites dont see humans as prey, either mistaking them for seals or as threats, and for boats probably whales, big or small

    Size and weight: most adult great whites usually get to 13-17 feet long, with a mass of 1500-2430 lb but have been known to get to 21 feet long and weigh 7328 lb


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  • Jacky 50A

    Arthropleura Vs Smilodon

    February 7, 2014 by Jacky 50A

    Whooh....This is my first blog so....if it is not fair I'll try to find another match.Anyone can suggest it here.

    Arthropleura the giant centipede of the Carboniferous period and one of the largest prehistoric beast at it's era


    Smilodon the ferocious ancient North American of the Pleistocene era with sharp blade tooth

    Which is the Deadliest?

    *The Smilodon here is the Populator genus

    Meaning : Jointed Ribs

    Size : 0.3-2.6 Metres (1-8.5 Feet Long)

    Age : Carboniferous

    Traits : Long unearthly size,Sharp "Jaws",hard shelled upper body but weak at the downside,footprints appears as long parallel rows

    The Arthropleura is the largest insect in the Carboniferous period.The massive size was caused by the greater partial pressure of oxygen in Earth's atmosph…

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  • Justin.sommers.50

    Gray Wolf Weapons                                                                



    Cougar weapons



    where should they fight


    Rocky Mountains

    Voting ends 1st September 2013

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  • Justin.sommers.50

    African Lion vs Cougar

    Vulture vs Falcon

    Eagle vs Hawk

    Wolf vs Coyote

    Spotted Python vs Green Anaconda

    Great White Shark vs Killer Whale

    Bengal Tiger vs Cheetah

    White Rhino vs Tricerotop

    T Rex vs Sarcosuchus

    Stegosaurus vs Spinosaurus

    Sea Snake vs King Cobra

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  • Justin.sommers.50

    Bigfoot vs Skunk Ape

    Bigfoot Weapons



    Skunk Ape Weapons



    where should they fight

    the woods

    or the jungle    

    The battle begins at night in the woods, where a group of Skunk Apes are searching for a food source. Somewhere in the woods, Bigfoot is looking for food. A Skunk Ape suddenly approaches, startling bigfoot, bigfoot regains his wits and puts his fist to work, punching 2 Skunk Apes who approach. He soon is overwhelmed and runs back to the corridor where the rest of the Skunk Apes have begun to come through, blocking all paths of escape. He goes to work again, using his fists to take down 76 Skunk Apes before being completely engulfed by the Skunk Ape horde. Bigfoot howls at the Skunk Apes. He is greeted by another horde of Sk…

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  • Leogaur18

    Who is deadliest ...

    Size  length 43-46 ft. weight 6.5-13.3 tons 6 ft. long head 14 ft tall     38-40 ft. long 7.5 tons 5 ft. long head

    Advantages bigger, faster, and with more weapons                          a bite force that crush bones and longer teeth  

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  • Ghafar Oase Nusantoro

    The komodo dragon, world's largest lizard vs a Spotted hyena

    A Komodo Dragon weights averagely at 100 kg, but the largest wild Individual weights at 163 kg and reached a lenght of 3.1 meters.

    Weapons:Sharp claws, Strong Tail, Mouth full of bacteria, could ram tree untill tree falls to swallow prey. Advantages: The komodo dragon has bacteria that could kill animals in a few hours, so if the hyena gets bitten it will die. It also has a strong tail that could trip the hyena and then kill the hyena. The komodo could ram the Hyena and break its Bones.

    A Spotted Hyena Weights around 63-69 kg. Some weights around 90 kg. Their body lenght is around 166 cm.

    Weapons: Sharp claws, Strong bite force, Speed and Agility. Advantages: The hyena has a stronger…

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  • Goddess of Despair

    Hello everyone I am begining a tournament based off of cryptozological animals (like bigfoot, mothman, etc). The tourny will consist of 6 different users each will choose one creature. Once each spot of the tournament is filled it will begin with the first two to comment in the first round. Once a creature is chosen it can't be used by any other user. Here is an exsample of what an entry should look like.

    I would like to join my creature is (insert creature name) and its weapons include (insert weapons). Please keep in mind the creatures must be not be gigantic, you can't choose things like Godzilla. Now then many creatures will enter , none are real now, but when this is over only one creature will exsist and that creature is the deadliest…

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  • Leogaur23


    55 in. tall

    4.9 ft.



    straighter horns

    makes it easier to pierce


    Sable Antelope

    46-56 in. tall

    90-130 in. long

    330-600 Ilbs.



    Sable Antelope

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  • Leogaur23

    lynx vs clouded leopard

    August 10, 2012 by Leogaur23


    32-40 in. long

    4-8 in. tall

    22-44 Ilb.


    able to move better

    clouded leopard

    3-4 ft. long

    About 3 ft. tall

    About 50 Ilbs.


    bigger and smarter

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  • Jameseth Bondeth


    Weapons: 5-inch canine teeth, sharp claws,muscles


    Weapons: Crushing jaw, pack hunters

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  • Godkombat21

    (Heh, added a banner :-) )

    The Thunderbird, the giant raptor of destruction that tormented the ancient indians


    A Dragon, the gargantuan titan of destruction and hoarder of treasure


    In native american mythology, the thunderbird is said to be a massive bird that hovers over the area when ever a storm hits.

    Massive Size: The Thunderbird is said to fly within the storm clouds, it is incredabley large, being 20 feet tall and having about a 65 foot wingspan.

    Wings: The Thunderbird's wings are powerful enough it's said one flap causes thunder and can cause massive windstorms

    Talons and Beak: The Thunderbird has razor sharp talons, on their massive feet, and could easily cut a man in half. It's massive beak could easily disemb…

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  • Gigantigersaurus

    Siberian Tiger, the largest big cat in the world, Vs 2 Grey Wolves, the great pack hunters in the northern hemisphere,

    WHO... IS.... DEADLIEST!

    Siberian Tiger Weapons: Claws, Teeth, PawsMy personal vote: Tiger, because they are bigger and can kill wolves heir paw with 1 strike but wolves are a little faster. The tigers have giant claws and teeth and tigers are known to kill lions.

    Rules: Vote in the comments and it has to be a good explanation but it doesn't have to be long. And no potatos.

    Voting stops at August 23.

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  • Godkombat21

    Yeah I got this request a long time ago, and I decided to fufill it.

    The Triceratops, the peaceful but vicous herbivore of the cretaceous period


    The Woolly Rhino, The ancieant relative of the modern rhino


    Triceratops Woolly Rhino
    Weapons:Three large horns Weapons: Large Horn
    Traits: Very big and durable, moves really fast when charging, Crest on it's face is very hard to peirce Traits: Large size and durability, moves incredably quick when chargeing, covered in a thick pelt of fur
    Advantage: Stronger and more durable Advantage: Smaller and faster Read more >
  • Cfp3157

    Hyena vs Dingo

    May 21, 2012 by Cfp3157

    The Spotted Hyena , The cackling scavenger of the savannah, known to steal lion kills.


    The Dingo , Austalia's apex pretador native to the outback, eating livestock and kangaroos.

    Who is DEADLIEST?????


    Range: Sahara Desert

    Habitat: Savannah

    Diet: Carcasses

    Weapons: Teeth

    Other Traits: A laugh like cackle, known to steal lions' kill.


    Range: Austrailian Outback

    Habitat: Desert

    Diet: Kangaroo

    Weapons: Teeth

    Other Traits: Hunt in packs, apex pretador of their habitat.

    Note: This will be a battle between a pack of Hyenas vs a pack of dingos. The fight will be over a kangaroo carcass.

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  • PeterTheMadagascarFan

    The Bengal Tiger, The second largest cat and it can kill humans.


    The Honey Badger, The most fearless animal in the world and it can kill and eat snakes.

    Who Is Deadliest???????

    Bengal Tiger

    Range: India

    Habitat: Jungle

    Diet: Meat

    Weapons: Has sharp teeth and claws.

    Other Traits: Feriocous and very agile,is also very strong.

    Honey Badger

    Range: Sub-Saharan Africa to the Indian Peninsula

    Habitat: Savannah & Jungle

    Diet: Meat

    Weapons: Sharp Teeth & Claws.

    Other Traits: Extremely agressive,Will attack anything it feels threatend by highly durable capble of ranging 40 Kilometers a day. Highly Intelligent one of the few animals capble of using tools.

    Note: This battle is between 1 male Bengal Tiger & 2 Honey Badgers.

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  • Richard Starkey

    The Dover Demon! The Alien like creature of Dover, Massachusetts! Vs. The Skunk Ape! The mystical Ape of Florida! Who is.... Deadliest!?

    To find out, our experts are testing Nature's most Lethal weapons to decide who will be crowned.... The Deadliest Beast!

    Weapons Teeth, and hands
    Diet Unknown
    Size Unknown, but smaller then the Skunk ape
    X-factors Small and nimble, faster then the Skunk Ape and can fit into smaller spaces

    Weapons Ape-like Teeth and strength
    Diet Unkown
    Size Unknown, but larger then the Dover Demon
    X-factors Very Ape-like, large and powerful


    • Good votes count as a whole vote, bad votes count as half, votes that don't give a good reeason don't count at all
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  • Wassboss

    Bigfoot: The elusive ape, who hides away from humanity in the north american forrest's


    Mothman:The alien Creature that stalked the town of Point Plesant followed by the collapse of the Silverbridge.

    Who is deadliest

    Bigfpot Mothman

    Weapons: Bare hands, throwing boulders, sharp canines. Weapons: Has a screech which causes nausia in victim.
    Other Traits: Is very strong, very stealthy, has gorrilla like intelligence. Other Traits: Can fly at super sonic speeds, it's mere precence strikes fear into opponents.
    Advantages over Opponent: Is smarter and stealthier than mothman. Advantages over Opponent: Can escape from bigfoot easier than bigfoot can escape from it, is faster than bigfoot.



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  • PeterTheMadagascarFan

    The Nile Crocodile, Africa's Biggest Baddest Crocodillian who prowls the rivers and lake of Africa.


    The Green Anaconda, South America's heaviest snake who prowls the Amazon River.

    Who Is Deadliest???????

    Nile Crocodile

    Weapons: Has a powerful bite of any animal in the world,sharp teeth.

    Other Traits: Has thick armour on its back and sides, is an excellent swimmer, uses a techinque called the death roll.

    Green Anaconda

    Weapons: Has sharp teeth,can constrict its victims with its coils.

    Other Traits: Is an excellent swimmer.


    This battle will take place in a Amazon River.

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  • PeterTheMadagascarFan

    The African Lion,The Stalker of the savanah and 2nd largest big cat next to the tiger


    The Gorilla, The largest ape in the world made famous by the film King Kong

    Who Is Deadliest????????

    African Lion

    Weapons: Sharp Teeth & Claws

    Traits: Is a firece fighter and fearless,is very big strong

    Advantage: Is faster and fearless


    Weapons: Strength and large canine Teeth

    Other Traits: Is very intelligent

    Advantage: Is smarter than a lion, is bigger than opponent


    Coming Soon

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  • Tomahawk23

    The Eagle Owl, the biggest Owl as the world, has 2 meter wing span and hunts dear. Vs The Red Tailed Hawk the fast clever and lethal bird.

    Eagle Owl
    Weapons It's Beak and Talons
    Traits The Eagle Owl is a opportunistic hunter. Silent, it looks for a good opportunity to kill t's prey. When it has that opportunity it swoops down on it's prey. Their wings are 2 meters across. It is of common debate if the Eagle Owl is indeed the biggest Owl. Due to the fact that the Blankinston's Fish Owl is slightly heavier on average then the Eagle Owl, and the Great Grey Owl is slightly longer on average.
    Advantages The Eagle Owl's main advantage is that it is bigger then the Red Tailed Hawk. To add to it it is also faster then the Red Tailed Hawk. Whil…

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  • CuchulainSetanta

    The Orca, the intelligent killer whale that eats anything it can catch, from seals to sharks! The Giant Squid, a former beast of legend that may be one of the largest in the world! Who Is Deadliest?!

    Orca (Richard Starkey)

    Size 20-26 Feet Long and 6 Tons
    Diet Almost anything they can find, ranging from sharks to even other whales


    and Traits

    Powerful jaws and teeth, extremely strong, highly intelligent

    Giant Squid (CuchulainSetanta)

    Size Full size unknown; specimens reaching 66 feet have been reported; females generally reach 43 feet and 610 pounds, males 33 feet and 330 pounds
    Diet Deep-sea fish and squid


    and Traits

    10 strong tentacles covered in barbed hooks; strong, razor-sharp beak; can squirt blinding ink Read more >
  • El Alamein

    The Giant Gecko: Mutated reptilian horror of a post-apocalyptic nuclear world that is quick and fearsome

    The Skag: Vicious mutated dogs that swarm in packs but have an Achilles' heel in their open jaws


    The Geckos in the Fallout series are quite easy to kill by human standards but the more advanced versions like Fire Geckos and Gold or Silver Geckos can be a real pain in the neck. Their main combat strategy is to run on two legs toward the foe (which they can accomplish with suprising speed) and repeatedly claw and maul their prey with stubby but strong forearms. A good amount of biting, which transfers semi-damaging poison, may accompany the fighting. The Geckos usually attack alone but if there are multiple Geckos they alwa…

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  • Tomahawk23

    The Giant Octopus, the chameleon of the ocean, known to use its camoflauge abilities to hide and then strike at its prey. Vs the Tiger Shark the brutal hunter of the ocean known to eat glass bottles, turtles, fish, paper anything it can find. WHO IS DEADLIEST

    Tiger Shark
    Weapons Razor Sharp teeth. Traits The Tiger shark has been known to be extremely agressive, its the second largest predatory shark in the world. It is known to eat anything it finds including glass bottls. It is fast and has a high hunting instinct. The Tiger shark is huge and has massive durability. Not only is it able to take many hits but its guts are also very strong. Given that it is able to eat glass bottles and many other sharp objects it is clearly one of the mo…

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  • Tesla Man

    Tesla Man/Andean Condor; The largest land bird in existance, know to take away pet dogs and even take down some of their own kind, vs ,Lasmoore/Golden Eagle; one of the most popular birds of prey, this northern stalker is known to hunt down things as big as foxes.



    The Deadliest Beast?

    The Andean Condor is a species of South American bird in the New World Vulture family, and is the only member of the genus Vultur. Found in the Andes mountains and adjacent Pacific coasts of western South America, it has the largest wingspan (at 3.2 meters or 10.5 feet) of any land bird. Unlike most birds of prey, the male is larger than the female

    Close Range: When the Condor has finally taken down its prey, it uses its massive beak that bites down with…

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  • Urbancommando77

    Komodo Dragon: The largest Lizard


    American Alligator: The Apex Predator


    Battle will be in an American zoo, where an Alligator slipped into the komodo's habitat

    • Battle will be 2 on 2

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  • Tomahawk23

    The Honey Badger the fast fearless and furious and brutal mammal, known for its extremely thick hide, capable of resisting a primitive arrow! Vs the Wolverine the tough brutal beast! the great survivalist of the forst, known for its ability to defeat Cougers! WHO IS DEADLIEST!

    Honey Badger
    Weapons Claws Teeth. Size&Diet Height 23-28 cm. Length 68-79 cm. Weight 26-35 lb. Diet pretty much anything it can kill in Africa, (though it has been shown to be capable of killing things it does not hunt).
    Basic facts about its combat capibilities It is a versital, intelligent agressive and capable predator. The Honey Badger has been shown to be very smart, it has been shown to use tools. It is extremely agressive. It is fearless has never been shown to…

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  • Tesla Man

    Okay! This is it! My very own season one, it was kind of on short notice, but what the heck, it here isn't it? So, because im not too interested in real animals, im going to do something i find a bit more fun, something, "Beyond Belief". I'm matching up all of my favorite cryptids from Mothman to Mokele-mbembe, from Orang Bati to Sasquatch, and watch who comes out on top, i will be using my Encyclopedia Monstrum for this, and so lets see how it turns out, 'ey?

    Ep 1: Thunderbird vs Ropen

    Ep 2: Giant Centepede vs Monster Spider

    Ep 3: Death Raptor vs Mothman

    Ep 4: Onza vs Beast of Exmoor

    Ep 5: Mokele-mbembe vs Megaconda

    Ep 6: Orang-Bati vs Kongamato

    Ep 7: Dover Demon vs Gremlins

    Prepare for March 20, the day your imagination runs free, and you wont k…

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  • Lasmoore

    My Bunyip! The Mysterious Australian Swamp Beast! (1.5 Votes)


    Tesla Man's Megaconda! The Abnormally 120 feet Long Anaconda! (1.5 Votes)


    The bunyip, or kianpraty, is a large mythical creature from Aboriginal mythology, said to lurk in swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes. The origin of the word bunyip has been traced to the Wemba-Wemba or Wergaia language of Aboriginal people of South-Eastern Australia. However, the bunyip appears to have formed part of traditional Aboriginal beliefs and stories throughout Australia, although its name varied according to tribal nomenclature. In his 2001 book, writer Robert Holden identified at least nine regional variations for the creature known as the bunyip across Aboriginal Au…

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  • Tesla Man

    Tesla Man/Cheetah; The fastest land animal on earth, reaching speeds up to 130 kilometers/hour in 6 secconds, before impailing you with its teeth, or pouncing on you with its paws, vs, Tomahawk23/Komodo Dragon; The worlds largest lizerd with jaws like steel and a tail like a wrecking-ball, this ambush predator of the jungle can kill you in 25 minute flat.



    The Deadliest Beast?

    The cheetah is a large-sized feline inhabiting most of Africa and parts of the Middle East. The cheetah achieves by far the fastest land speed of any living animal—between 112 and 120 km/h (70 and 75 mph) in short bursts covering distances up to 500 m (1,600 ft), and has the ability to accelerate from 0 to over 100 km/h (62 mph) in three seconds.

    Close Range: Th…

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  • Richard Starkey

    So, this is a little thing to determine who is the Deadliest Beast in each category. It will work like Deadliest Horrors and DF championships on Deadliest Fiction (Thanks to CS for the idea). Categories will include the following: Small animals, Large animals, Airborne animals, Urban Legends and Aquatic Animals. Save the comments for when challenging another user to a battle, leave your loadouts on my talk page.

    Let the games Begin!

    Small: Wolverine Large: Kodiak Bear Airborne: Harpy Eagle Urban Legends: Bigfoot Aquatic: Orca

    Wassboss: Small: Bobcat Large: White Rhino Airborne: Eagle Owl Urban Legend Mothman Aquatic: Saltwater Crocodile

    CuchulainSetanta: Small: Goliath Bird-eater Large: Cape Buffalo Airborne: Raven Urban Legend: Giant Rat Aquatic…

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  • CuchulainSetanta

    The Greenland Shark; a fish as big as a great white that stalks the top of the world! The Giant Squid; a former beast of legend that may be one of the largest in the world! Who Is Deadliest?!

    Greenland Shark:

    Size Up to 21 feet long and 2,200 pounds
    Diet Fish; has been known to eat polar bears and caribou, although these are probably carrion; may attack and kill seals for food


    and Traits

    Surprising speed; strong, rolling bites; flesh is poisonous

    Giant Squid:

    Size Full size unknown; specimens reaching 66 feet have been reported; females generally reach 43 feet and 610 pounds, males 33 feet and 330 pounds
    Diet Deep-sea fish and squid


    and Traits

    10 strong tentacles covered in barbed hooks; strong, razor-sharp beak; can squirt blinding i…

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  • Wassboss

    Bigfoot: The elusive ape, who hides away from humanity in the north american forrests.


    Chupacabra: The vampire like creature, which sucks out the blood of its victims.

    Who is deadliest

    Bigfoot Chupacabra
    Weapons: Bare hands, throwing boulders Weapons: Sharp teeth and claws, spikes on back.
    Other Traits: Is very strong, very stealthy, has gorrilla like intelligence. Other Traits: Can jump up to 20 feet in one bound, is very agile and quick.
    Advantages over Opponent: Is bigger, stronger and smarter than it's opponenet, is much more stealthy. Advantages over Opponent: Outnumber bigfoot 2-1, claws and teeth are more dangerous than bare hands.

    A bigfoot is walking through the forrests of north america, looking for food. Suddenly the wiff of a freshl…

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  • El Alamein

    The Birds vs. Cujo

    February 29, 2012 by El Alamein

    The Birds: The common birds of the air that turned mad and attacked in vicious swarms to terrorize the citizens of Bodega Bay!

    Cujo: The family pet dog bitten by a bat and stricken with a disease that led him to become lethal with rage!

    Who, Is, Deadliest?

    Weapons Beaks, sheer overwhelming numbers, ferocious rage
    Species A variety of crows, seagulls, sparrows, and a few birds of prey
    Size A few pounds in weight, several inches to around a foot in length



    Outnumber Cujo 50-1, attack in swarms

    Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds

    Weapons Teeth, claws, a rabies-like disease, ferocious rage
    Species St. Bernard
    Size 140 lbs., 27 inches at the shoulder



    Has a rabies-like disease, is much larger than the birds, disease dulls sense of pain …

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  • Richard Starkey

    Fossa Vs. Ocelot

    February 26, 2012 by Richard Starkey

    The Fossa! The cat like predator who dominates the food chain of Madagascar. Vs. The Ocelot! Small feline from South America, sometimes refered to as the Dwarf Leopard.

    Who is..... Deadliest!?

    Weapons Semi-Retractable claws and Canine teeth
    Diet Vertebrates consumed ranged from reptiles to a wide variety of birds, including both understory and ground birds, and mammals, including insectivores, rodents, and lemurs
    Size 28-31 in. long and weighs 12–19 lbs.
    X-factors Has slightly thicker skin then the Ocelot

    Weapons Teeth and claws similar to a smaller version of a leopard's
    Diet mostly small mammals (various rodents), reptiles and amphibians (lizards, turtles and frogs), crab, birds and fish.[11] Almost all of the prey that the ocelot hunts is far s…

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  • Urbancommando77

    Bunyip VS Hippo

    February 12, 2012 by Urbancommando77

    Bunyip: The mythical swamp-lurking killers


    Hippo: The large behemoth of Africa


    Bunyip Name Hippo
    Large teeth and claws Weapons Large teeth
    Australian bodies of water Range African Lakes
    Humans Diet Grass, Plants, etc.


    • Battle will be 1 on 1
    • It will take place in an old Ruined Hippo habitat in Australia

    Battle is over, Bunyip wins


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  • Godkombat21

    The Tyrannosaurus Rex, The king of the tyrant lizards


    The Woolly Mammoth, The ancient reletive of the modern elephant


    Tyrannosaurus Rex Woolly Mammoth
    Weapons: Teeth and Claws Weapon: Size and Tusks
    Traits: Very big, powerful, and fast (yes it is proven), Has one of the strongest bites of all dinosaurs Traits: Is very big and powerful, it's large cout of fur may sometimes deflect attacks,
    Advantage: Is more aggressive and fit for battle Advantage: Is more bulky and harder to kill

    Experts Opinion

    Our experts agreed that being a natural born predator, the Tyrannosuarus was more then a match for the slow Mammoth.

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  • Tesla Man

    El Chupacabra; The Latin American vampire beast resposible for the killings of hundreds of animals, giving it the title, "Goat Sucker", vs The Beast of Exmoor; The vicious dog-beast who slaughters animals in the English Countryside and is feared by many in the city of Exmoor

    Inside Tesla Manner- 11:34 pm

    The room was dark, of course, it is almost midnight, and the only light source inside the library are flickering candles, illuminating the thousands of books on the bookshelf. In the middle sits an empty red velvet chair that lays attop a beautiful, imported rug. in the middle, is a coffee table, with books such as Encyclopedia Monstrum, and Urban Legends for Dummies. Behind the chair against the wall is a fireplace, with a door to the right.

    The …

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  • Wassboss

    American Alligator: America's Biggest Baddest Crocodillian who prowls the waters ways of florida.


    Bull Shark: The Mean Munching Machine which fersome nature inspired the movie Jaws.

    Who Is Deadliest

    American Alligator Bull Shark:
    Weapons: Has the most powerful bite force of any amimal in the world, shrap teeth Weapons: Has powerful jaws filled with razor shark teeth and a bite force of 567kgs (1,250lbs)
    Other Traits: Has thick armour on its back and sides, is an excellent swimmer, uses a technique called the death roll. Other Traits: Is very fast and mobile in the water, can live in both salt and fresh water.
    Advantages over Opponent: Can leave and reenter the water as it pleases, is heavier and more aggressive than the Bull Shark. Advantages …

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  • KevlarNinja

    Oni vs. Wendigo

    February 2, 2012 by KevlarNinja

    Oni! The club-welding ogre from Japanese folklore, terror in a tiger skin loincloth! Wendigo! The cannibal of the Canadian backwoods, a terrifying combo of zombie and werewolf! WHO....IS...DEADLIEST!?!?!?

    The oni smashes in with:

    Weapons Claws, brute strength, horns, tusk-like fangs, Kanabo club

    The wendigo is craving victory:


    Weapons Great strength, razor sharp claws and teeth

    My edge goes to the wendigo. Although the oni is strong and has the club, it's basicly an ogre, a creature that's dim and uncoordinated, well a wendigo is very fast moving.

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  • KevlarNinja

    Deinosuchus! The prehistoric alligator, that eat dinosaurs on a daily basis! Megalodon! The largest known shark, able to almost bite early whales in half! WHO....IS....DEADLIEST!?!?!?

    The dino devourer chomps in with:

    Weapons 21 to 22 razor-sharp teeth, bite force of 18,000 newtons, bony armor
    Hunting Tactics Attacks with ambushes and deathrolls
    Weakness No armor on the underside, needs to breath air

    Hell's goldfish bites back with:


    Weapons Giant teeth, bite force of about 108,514-182,201 newtons, fast speed for charging targets
    Hunting Tactics Attacks shoulders, flippers, rib cage, and upper spine of prey
    Weakness Eyes, nose and gill slits; drowns if it stops swimming

    My vote goes to Meg. If you get a shark, that can breath underwat…

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  • Godkombat21

    The African Lion, The Stalker of the savanah and 2nd largest big cat next to the tiger


    The American Black Bear, One of America's largest bears in existence


    African Lion American Black Bear
    Weapons: Sharp Teeth and Claws Weapons: Sharp Teetha and Claws
    Traits: Is a fierce fighter and fearless, is very big and strong Traits: Is big and strong, is an excellent climber
    Advantage: Is faster and fearless Advantage: Is stronger and a better climber


    A large black bear is wandering the woods in the dead of winter, he's looking to fatten up for hybernation, and soon he finds a lone male lion, feeding on a freshly killed elk. The bear sees this as a good meal and approaches the lion. The lion sees him comming and tries to dr…

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  • Sport Shouting

    Scorpion vs Mongoose

    January 21, 2012 by Sport Shouting

    Scorpion: The poisonous little demon who have been feared for years.

    Mongoose: The quick rat-like animal who can defeat a cobra.


    Scorpion Mongoose
    • Pinchers

    • Bite

    • Poisonous Stinger

    • Claws

    • Mobile and brutal

    • Perserverant, fast, furious

    Voting ends on Wednesday the 25th!

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  • Richard Starkey

    The Walrus, Tusked pinniped from the artic Vs. The Leopard Seal, Carnivorous pinniped, who's sharp teeth and large size dominates the artic food chain

    Who is..... Deadliest?!

    Weapons 3 ft. 3 in. tusks
    Diet shrimp, crabs, tube worms, soft corals, tunicates, sea cucumbers, various mollusks, and even parts of other pinnipeds
    Size 3,700 lbs.
    X-factors Much thicker blubber then the Leopard seal

    Weapons 1 in. Canine teeth
    Diet Mostly krill, squid, fish, and penguins, sometimes crabeater seals
    Size 440-1302 lbs.
    X-factors Faster swimmer then the Walrus

    A male Leopard seal patrols his territory, searching for a potential meal or intruder, it's powerful flippers helping it move quickly and smoothly across the water. All of a sudden, the smell of blood goes in…

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  • Tomahawk23

    Keep Editing!!!

    January 7, 2012 by Tomahawk23

    As most of you may have realized when one person edits more people do and those people edit more. I was hoping that every active member here can write more battles post comments come up with new ideas for the wiki write articles anything to keep people editing!. Remember when you make a edit other people make edits. And for those of you who I sent messeges well after sending about 5 messeges I decided to just make a blog about it.

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  • Tomahawk23

    Reek Vs Yautja Hound

    December 31, 2011 by Tomahawk23

    Reek the massive Dog brutes used as entertainment tools on geonosis Vs The Predator Hound the massive horned fighting and tracking dog used by the Yautja to test their prey WHO IS DEADLIEST

    weapons Its Horns its teeth its head and feet all used as blunt weapons except the teeth
    traits Run in small packs and herds very strong and territorial
    advantage They are Bigger and Stronger then the Yautja Hound

    The Yautja Hound
    weapons several Horns on their head their teeth
    traits Very loyal when taimed very agressive very durable generaly run in packs
    advantage The Horns will be able to keep the Reek at bay and stab into them if they get a good chance

    this will be a 5 on 5 match five Reek Vs 5 Yautja Hounds

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