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barbary lion

barbary lions are the largest subspecies of lion and they weigh anywhere between 280 to a wild maximum of 742 , and have a bite force/psi of 890 , they mostly eat smallers bears, fish , rodents , birds , deers , elk , moose , boars and rabbits , they have no predators however cubs can fall prey to bigger tigers and wolves . they live in russia and china and are currently and endangered species due to illegal hunting . they grow 11 feet in length with the tail meassuring 1 meter [3 feet]

eastern cougar

cougars are a species of big cat that can weigh 200-270 pounds however the heaviest specimen weighed 300 pounds . they have the strongest bite of any big cat [530.6 kgf]. they live in south america and parts of north america . they mostly feed on pigs , frogs , snakes , deer , cows , rodents , turtles , slothes , caimans , monkeys , tapirs and dogs . jaguars can run 50 miles per hour . they are the third largest big cat species , they have no predators however , cubs can fall prey to cougars and anacondas . they are 2.5 at the shoulder and can get 3.9 to 6.4 feet in length