Deadliest Beasts Wiki


Articles must have grammatically correct titles. Articles with titles that lack capitalization in proper places or spelling errors will be moved/renamed. Bad title example: loch nesz MonztEr.

Grammar/Writing Mechanics

All articles must have limited amounts of grammar errors. Pages with these mistakes will be edited but pages with a large amount of mistakes must be fixed within 75 days of its creation date. After that period, the article will be deleted if it still has a large amount of mistakes.

Mistake Limits

Small amount of mistakes: 3-7 mistakes

Large amount: 10+

Coding Mistakes

Wiki coding is hard but if you do have a hard time, please consult an admin or a long time wiki editor.

Copying from Wikipedia

Copying from any Wiki or Wikipedia is illegal if the said wiki or wikipedia is not created. It is reccomended to NOT copy at all and be original. Any articles that have copied matieral will be deleted within three days of creation if article isnt fixed.

Requests for Deletion

If a user wishes to delete their article they must use the Delete template.

Automatic Deletion

Articles will be deleted if they meet this criteria:

  • A large amount of mistakes (see Mistake Limits)
  • A battle that is written on an article, not a blog post
  • A spam page (page with unrelated subjects/images)