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The Arabian wolf (Canis lupus arabs) is a subspecies of gray wolf which lives on the Arabian peninsula. It is the smallest-sized wolf known. It is a desert-adapted wolf that normally lives in small groups and is omnivorous, eating carrion and garbage as well as small to medium-sized prey.

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Arabian wolf


Standing approximately 26 inches shoulder height and weighing an average of 40 pounds, the Arabian wolf is the smallest subspecies of gray wolf, yet, the largest canid in Arabia. They have short greyish-beige hair which becomes much longer and thicker in winter. Their ears are large in comparison to the rest of it's body. Their eyes are naturally yellow with black pupils. However, many are found with brown eyes, revealing that somewhere down the line their ancestors have interbred with feral dogs.


Arabian wolves are mainly carnivorous, but also omnivorous and in some areas largely dependent on human garbage and excess products. They also feed on hares, rodents, small ungulates, cats, sweet fruits, roadkill and other carrion.

Battle against African Wild Dog[]

12 Arabian wolves are escapees from an exotic wildlife park in Africa have been feasting on a dead giraffe and tore onto the carcass.

The wild dog squealed in pain and one of its fellow pack members grabs the young wolf by the neck and shakes it around until it goes limp. The other wolves immediately rushed at the wild dogs as two packs began to clash.

The wolves realized they are outnumbered and began to run with the wild dogs pursuing after them, one of the wolves fell to the ground due to its broken paw as the wild dogs began mauling the helpess wolf to death as its yelps echoed.

The wild dogs 

Winner- African wild dogs