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allosarus fragilis

Most Allosaurus fossils have been found in the Morrison Formation, a distinctive band of sedimentary rock found in the western United States. Allosaurus had a large skull and walked on two legs. Its body and head were balanced by a long and heavy tail. Like the Tyrannosaurs rex, the Allosaurus had short arms.Allosaurus had relatively weak jaw muscles. It had a bite force of only 200 kilograms, which is the same as a leopard's. It also had fragile teeth. they weighed 3,300 pounds ,  the allosarus was a predator that ate other dinosaurs like the stegosarus and the Brachiosaurus.

american mastodon 

mastodons were ancient reltives of modren day african elephants , they hard long sharp tusks and a thick fur coat .they weighed 5 to 8 tons and grew 2.3 to 2.8 to the shoulder . the american mastodon was a herbivore that ate leaves , plants , branches , fruits and other vegetation . they lived 5 million years ago and lived in north america during the late Miocene period .  although the exact reason for their extiction is unknown it was likley due to humans hunting them for their thick fur coat. they likley had no predators as adults but young mastodons could have fell prey to sabertooth tigers and dire wolves ,  they were likley very smart animals much like modren day african bush elephants .

mastodon           allosarus

advantages                     advantages 

                                more aggresive

weighed more               

better weapons

likley smarter


a heard of mastodons are stampeding down the plains of north america , then a young mastodon leaves the heard and thats when a hungry allosarus attacks him and kills the baby mastodon , as he starts to eat the baby , the farther comes and makes a roar , the allosarus charges at the mastodon and tries to get a bite in , but to no avil , then he finally gets a bite into the mastodons rough skin , causing the mastodon to start to bleed , then the mastodon hits the allosarus with his trunk and then charges into him knocking him on the ground , as the allosarus tries to get up , the mastodon stabs his tusks into the allosarus throat , killing it instantly , the mastodon then goes back to its herd .

winner:american mastodon