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The African Leopard (Panthera pardus pardus) is the most common of the leopard subspecies.

It is the largest leopard of all (in addition to the most widespread, as we have said previously). Its weight can even reach up to 90 kg, but for male individuals, with a body size of up to 1.90 m, to which it is necessary to add almost a meter of tail. Females are generally 40% smaller.

We find them mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa, where they are relatively common. Its habitat is varied. Thus, we can find African leopards in the savannah (Kenya and Tanzania) passing through the forest (Gabon and Congo), but without forgetting the mountains (South Africa and Zimbabwe). There are specimens even in the desert areas of the Kalahari Desert in Namibia and in the swamps of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.


Their diet is very varied: gazelles, antelopes, impalas, baboons, monkeys, pacoceros, small wildebeest and zebra, pork, jackals, hares, snakes, fish, etc.
Gorilla vs African leopard :

All begins in the jungles of the Congo at night hours a leopard was walking until he saw a male gorilla the ape notices the feline growls and sticks his chest to move it away but the leopard is not afraid of a quick movement the leopard does it dodge and climb a tree the gorilla tries to look for him at that moment the leopard jumps out of the tree and throws claws and bites on the skin the gorilla screams in pain then the leopard grabs the gorilla with his teeth and climbs a tree and holding leopard The gorilla jumps and falls to the ground, hurting him and leaving him seriously injured. The leopard continues to stand after the fall. The leopard runs towards the injured gorilla and bites strongly by the neck until it kills him. The feline grabs the dead animal and leaves the area. Winner the leopard.

in my opinion the leopard is the superpredator of gorillas