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whos gonna win the king of the dinosaurs the t-rex or the true king of the beasts the elephant

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African Bush Elephant-0

t rex weapons: sharp teeth and claws weight: 13 tons to 38 tons advantage : sharp teeth , bigger , heavier

african bush elephant

weapons : trunks and feet

weight: 8  tons to 13 tons

advantage: more bulky and smarter


A herd of elephants are stomping down the grasslands of africa when suddenly a baby elephant strays away from the herd and the t-rex strikes without warning and tries to eat the baby elephant. as he starts to strangle the baby elephant the farther elephant charges at the t rex , the t rex then takes a huge bite out of the elephants ears and no damage happened, the T. rex is confused , the elephant backs off and the two begin to roar at each other . the elephant then starts thrashing at the t- rex , then the t rex bites the elephants trunk, however, the elephant stabs the T. rex by the arm, the T. rex falls down, clearly hurt, the elephant hits the T. rex and steps on his eye, he steps on it again and again, non-stop, until the T. rex is deceased because of those stomps and the elephant trumpets in victory.

Winner: Elephant